Personal electronic device causes explosion entering warp

Sobaseki, YC 120

A capsuleer ship transporting livestock and civilians between Jita and a nearby system disintegrated upon entering warp. CONCORD investigation yielded little due to the nature of the incident, but public market records suggest the ship was fulfilling a routine courier contract.

“Everyone gets a standard pre-departure message about safety procedures, including the use of personal electronics,” says a loadmaster with more than a decade of experience aboard capsuleer ships. “The signal strength of these devices is very low, but they can interfere with ship systems. In this case it seems to have affected warp calculations.”

Personal electronics are popular throughout New Eden and are used for entertainment and personal communication.

“Entering warp can be an exciting experience for people used to living planet-side their whole lives. I’d guess it wasn’t just one device, but perhaps a full load of civilians wanting to share video and recording the event.”

Investigators hypothesize that upon experiencing the warp sequence leaving the Jita system, the temptation to record the event was too great to heed pre-trip warnings.

”Warp mechanics have seen some changes over the years and are quite stunning in their current form. This was unfortunate but I understand the allure.”

In the future capsuleer ships may begin transporting passengers in cargo containers to minimize risk. Special exemptions to interstellar transport regulations are being sought to permit this practice. Capsuleers are advised to equip sensor boosting modules when transporting civilians in the meantime.

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